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June 2, 2017

Swallow’s Art Nest | 2017 Art Exhibition

Swallow's Art Nest 2017 students

Annual Children’s Art Show with instructor Judy Swallow

Judy Swallow has a very special place in my heart, she was my childhood art teacher for many years while I was growing up.  My artistic journey has come full circle with a creative career in photography, and it all began at Swallow’s Art Nest.  It is a true honour to have such a talented mentor of mine now teaching our oldest, Ace.  Judy has taught & passed on her creative ways to children since 1975 and is such a delight for the whole community!

Enjoy a peek at this year’s Art Show held on Sunday May 28, 2017 at the Alameda School!

Written by Michelle Irwin:

Who defines Art and how do we know when we are looking at it? Well, a great place to ponder the answers to these age old questions is at the Swallow’s Art Nest – Art Show, recently held at Alameda School on May 28th. Judy Swallow has been living the Artist’s Way all her life. Judy is celebrating 42 years of teaching art, mentoring and inspiring young creatives to pursue their art. Judy first started teaching art in 1975 and held her first show on June 25, 1976. Judy also pursues her personal art projects and has illustrated two published children’s books, painted a pictorial history of the Moose Creek/ Souris area entitled “The Vanishing Valley”, which are in prints and art cards created two Limited Edition Prints. Judy has worked for Spectrum Art as an Art Consultant and workshop facilitator and has toured many schools and libraries throughout the province teaching and promoting art.

Art isn’t just about what the artist creates, it is about sharing it with others and the emotions it draws from those observers. You could say that is an unspoken conversation between the artist and the observer. 184 people attended Swallow’s Art Nest Art Show which showcased 210 entries of various media, made by her students, this past year Judy had 34 students under her wing, 12 of those adults. Judy’s students are from the communities of Alameda, Oxbow, Arcola, Carnduff, Estevan and Frobisher.

It is clear to see the impact Judy has on her young students; she took time to speak to each one of her young protégés and made a presentation honouring them. Judy thanked many people who have had a hand in helping the Art Show happen, as well as all those who support the arts and artists. “My career has been a great deal of work but so tremendously rewarding! None of this could have happened without the unending support of my husband Glenn!”

Judy is more than an Art teacher; she is a mentor with an encouraging spirit who truly wants her students to explore their own inner creativity. Judy continues to educate and grow her own artistic skills and believes in life-long learning, “My motto is ‘Believe in yourself.’ There are enough critics and cynics out there. Find the people who truly support you and support them! That is the key to success!”

Judy has a beautiful art studio at her home in Alameda where she holds her art lessons. She offers art classes for anyone age 5 and up. She offers 4 week, 8 week and 12 week sessions to suit different schedules. For more information on these classes visit or contact Judy by email

Judy Swallow and Ace MercerArtist Judy Swallow Judy Swallow and her art students Art exhibition at Alameda School Annual Children's Art Show with instructor Judy Swallow Annual Children's Art Show with instructor Judy Swallow Vibrant Children's Artwork Artwork by Ace Mercer Painting by child artist Ace Mercer and Judy Swallow impressionistic paper doll art Crayon resist firework art Abstract mixed media artwork Annual Children's Art Show with instructor Judy Swallow Children's Art Exhibition Children's Art Exhibition frog figurines made by children Childrens art exhibition held at Alameda School folded paint technique artwork Artistic masks Swallow's Art Nest 2017 Art Exhibition



  1. Judy Swallow says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the young artists and me. Your artistic talent shines in the moments you captured.

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