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I'm here to tell your story...the joy, the laughs, the tears, and the memories along the way.

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Annual Children’s Art Show with instructor Judy Swallow Judy Swallow has a very special place in my heart, she was my childhood art teacher for many years while I was growing up.  My artistic journey has come full circle with a creative career in photography, and it all began at Swallow’s Art Nest.  It is […]

Oxbow and area residents Drop Everything And Read for SK Libraries

On Friday April 4th, many citizens met at our local Ada Staples Library in Oxbow for a peaceful protest against the 58% provincial government budget cuts to Regional Libraries.  DEAR: Drop Everything And Read had every age category drop what they were doing and come to the library and read to show support, here’s what I […]

I’m not going to lie, I’ll miss our old small town grocery store!  Today was the last day it was open and in a few days everything will be moved over to the brand new grocery store location in Oxbow built by Southern Plains Co-op!  It’s very exciting for our small town of approx 1200 […]