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March 15, 2016

Small Town Grocery Store’s Final Day

Small Town Grocery Store's Final Day | Oxbow Saskatchewan

I’m not going to lie, I’ll miss our old small town grocery store!  Today was the last day it was open and in a few days everything will be moved over to the brand new grocery store location in Oxbow built by Southern Plains Co-op!  It’s very exciting for our small town of approx 1200 people, the new facility is roughly four times the size of the old store.  Locals are excited for the new store which has been in the works for a many years.  There will be a deli, fresh meat and bakery, not to mention a greater variety of selection and room to warehouse more stock.

I couldn’t  help but think, our old store has been here for over 50 years, it has such a cozy environment and there’s definitely some nostalgia there and a bittersweet feeling with this big change.  I’ll never forget walking downtown to the store with the kids in the wagon, when I fell off my bike as a kid and skinned my knee in the parking lot or the bushes along the sidewalk that bloom flowers each spring.  So to savour this small town landmark, I took model Ashley Lawson to the store and captured her on a real grocery trip, complete with a Kate Spade handbag, pair of heels and a shopping list mapped out according to the layout of the store (my Mom jokes that it’ll take her a while to get the layout of the new store memorized).

The kind staff was more than obliging and probably knew what we were up to as soon as I strolled in with my camera.  Ashley set out with her shopping cart and picked up items I had needed to grab anyway.  As we made one last pass down each of the aisles, the experience was surreal, with both of us growing up in Oxbow and shopping in this grocery store our entire lives, it’s a trip to the old Oxbow Co-op we won’t likely forget!








Small Town Grocery Store's Final Day | Oxbow Saskatchewanoxbow-coop-co-op-southern-plains-estevan-new-store-saskatchewan_0110oxbow-coop-co-op-southern-plains-estevan-new-store-saskatchewan_0113oxbow-coop-co-op-southern-plains-estevan-new-store-saskatchewan_0114oxbow-coop-co-op-southern-plains-estevan-new-store-saskatchewan_0115oxbow-coop-co-op-southern-plains-estevan-new-store-saskatchewan_0118


Small Town Grocery Store's Final Day | Oxbow Saskatchewan



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