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I'm here to tell your story...the joy, the laughs, the tears, and the memories along the way.


While the kids and I are on home quarantine from the CoVid-19 outbreak, this is what we’re doing today to keep busy and thought we’d share.  I’ve never put up a printable on my blog before, so let me know if you are able to download and print for yourselves (should be able to right […]



Moon Logo website photo showit

The Story Behind My Rebrand Have you ever felt such a connection to something? I’ll tell you about mine… A little background first…It’s been 4 years since my business name change/re-brand and two years since my website refresh. I have grown astronomically since then, in my skill, client experience and have become a full service […]

Jenna Kutchers favourite jeans

I had one mission on my first ever trip to Mall of America in Minneapolis…to find and try on a pair of NYDJ jeans I’ve heard so much about lately. There is a huge buzz around the fit of the cleverly named slimming jeans (Not Your Daughters Jeans) and I wanted to check them out […]

Annual Children’s Art Show with instructor Judy Swallow Judy Swallow has a very special place in my heart, she was my childhood art teacher for many years while I was growing up.  My artistic journey has come full circle with a creative career in photography, and it all began at Swallow’s Art Nest.  It is […]

This party lived up to it’s expectations x 100.  From the martinis to the New York themed decor, the dancing to the pizza and hot dog bar at midnight…it definitely took this celebration to the next level.  I’m honoured so many of my fabulous friends could attend, even a few all the way from Calgary…you […]

the best homemade iced coffee photo with pink peonies and to do list

 After countless tries at making my own iced coffee at home, I finally have a recipe that I LOVE! Living in rural Saskatchewan, we stock up on beans at Starbucks whenever we are in the city.  We grind our beans fresh every morning and make a strong pot of coffee to start the day.  During […]

I’m not going to lie, I’ll miss our old small town grocery store!  Today was the last day it was open and in a few days everything will be moved over to the brand new grocery store location in Oxbow built by Southern Plains Co-op!  It’s very exciting for our small town of approx 1200 […]

Meal Planning PDF for the Busy Family or Mom

Meal Planning PDF for the Busy Family or Mom I have been an avid meal planner for years, so many years that I’ve tweaked this sheet time after time to get it to work with our families meal schedule.  It has saved us so much money in spoiled food, shaved time off of guessing ‘what’s […]

make your own candy sushi rolls tutorial

Asian Themed Girls Birthday Party with Candy Sushi Rolls and Panda Cupcakes I know every Mom says it, but it’s hard to believe Scarlett has turned TEN years old!!!  In our house there’s an a rule that each child gets 10 birthday parties, so with this being Scarlett’s last big party with friends, we decided to […]

macro photo of violet lilac flowers in the spring

I am a dreamer!  Probably one of the BIGGEST dreamers you’ll ever know.  I believe in dreaming big and doing what it takes to make it happen. I was pondering the other day…what do I really want my days to look like, which brought me to writing about my idea of a perfect day. A perfect […]

photo of dad holding my hand for the last time

It’s been almost a month since Dad passed away.  My family and I have been visited by so many emotions during our grieving process.  A few weeks after he left us, I was having trouble focusing on work and the to-do lists of life, so I called my therapist (of almost two years) for a […]

photo of funeral table at front of united church for bill snider celebration of life service in Oxbow Saskatchewan

Time doesn’t heal….It just teaches us how to live with the pain….. Honouring a life with a good word is a very difficult task as we learned preparing this summation of Dad’s life. I wanted to share his eulogy as an expression of my grief and a celebration of his life. I have to commend my sister Christa […]