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May 31, 2015

The Best Day Ever

I am a dreamer!  Probably one of the BIGGEST dreamers you’ll ever know.  I believe in dreaming big and doing what it takes to make it happen.

macro photo of violet lilac flowers in the spring

I was pondering the other day…what do I really want my days to look like, which brought me to writing about my idea of a perfect day.

A perfect day in my eyes is a day full of variety.  I like to travel, but my best and favourite days are spent at home in our quiet small town.  The small town we live in almost feels like we are at the cabin, only full-time, all year around.  The day begins when I wake up…not too early, but just right, I’d say 7am.  Cory would have the day off and the kids would be home from school.  I’d begin my day with a coffee (with honey + almond milk) on the back deck sitting next to my man in silence while the kids play or have the first bites of their breakfast.  We’d have a little breakfast, I’d get my inspiration fix on Pinterest while I finish my hot coffee, get everyone dressed and then onto seeing what was on the agenda for the day.

I’d head to the gym somewhere in the morning, maybe meet my gym buddy Landon there and get our workout in together.  A 40-60 minute workout has become a part of my day, something I never thought I’d hear myself saying, but it actually has worked its way into my routine and I now require it for my well being.  Chatting with Landon is always positive, we listen to our favourite tunes while discussing anything and everything that’s currently inspiring to us.  I leave the gym smiling with new ideas we just discussed rolling around in my head.

I’d head home to my studio to paint.  I have been in love with creating mixed media canvases for a few years now.  I’d play in my workspace, maybe hop on my macbook and get inspired online, look in my quote notebook, pop in Empire Records movie and just create for a few hours.

Baking chocolate chip cookies with my three kiddos would be something we do next on a perfect day.  They love to measure, stir and scoop with me…and we all sit there at the end cleaning out the bowl with our spoons.  The kids would go onto colouring or playing with lego or their lalaloopsys while I get ready to head out to a photo shoot.

There is no where I feel more alive, comfortable or inspired than behind the camera.  Whenever I have a session (or two) worked into my day, I’m likely smiling from ear-to-ear after.  I love the interaction with fabulous people, making them feel their best, the challenge of how different each session is and capturing a little bit of my clients lives to last forever for them.  This may sound sappy or cliche but I truly love what I do and am passionate about using photography as my creative outlet.

The best day ever would end off with a date night with my man.  It reminds me of the times when it was just him & I, oh those times…don’t get me wrong, I love each of our kids with all my heart, but I do miss the times when it was ‘just us two’ (a quote from Sex and the City).  We’d maybe go out with friends, catch the latest movie at the theatre or share a glass of wine and good conversation.natural light photo of purple lilac flowers

On the way home I’d likely text my Mom or sisters to check in.  My Mom especially would respond promptly with the sweetest message and scatter several emojis in with her positive words.  I’m so luckily to have such a close-knit family who I chat with several times a day and see whenever I want.

I’d probably sprinkle in a few Starbucks (if you could get them where I live) and some shopping on into the hours of my day.  Notice I did not do laundry nor did I cook any meals in my best day ever…two of my least favourite chores.

I try to have ‘THE BEST DAY EVER’ as much as I can and I hope you do too!

photo of spring lilac flowers



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