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March 30, 2015

Marcus + Michelle | Wolseley, Saskatchewan Engagement Photographer

photo of couple walking along wolseley suspension bridgeI met up with Marcus and Michelle at a little cafe in the town of Wolseley, Saskatchewan for their spring engagement session.  There was still snow on the ground but the sun came out and we had a gorgeous session. These two were a pleasure to get to know and I was in awe of the love they have for each other.

We roamed around town for the photos, Wolseley is where Marcus grew up.  We began at the suspension bridge, a project Marcus can remember being constructed  when he was younger.  Then we headed to Wolseley’s historical downtown section, filled with beautiful brick buildings…the perfect spot to capture these two casually hangin’ out.  We were off to city hall next…and found a hidden spot with the most beautiful light.  These two cuddled as I snapped away and looked so natural together.  We ended the session outside of Marcus’s family church.  I saw their playful & romantic side and these two had an amazing session.

I will be photographing this lovely couple’s June wedding in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and am looking forward to capturing their first day as HUSBAND & WIFE. Catch all the most recent updates on the Starr Mercer Photography Facebook Page!

photo of wolseley town signphoto of engaged couple on bridgephoto of couple cuddling on bridgephoto of engaged couple on suspension bridge in wolseley saskatchewan

photo of couple looking at each otherphoto of girl sitting on guys kneephoto of couple holding handsphoto of couple outside of wolseley churchphoto of beautiful diamond and gold ringphoto of couple walking by wolseley city hallphoto of man kissing woman's ring handphoto of couple in the springphoto of gorgeous couple woman has red hairphoto of engaged couple looking at each otherphoto of couple on the steps of wolseley town hallstarr-mercer-photography-engagement-wedding-photographer-photography-saskatchewan-moose-jaw-marcus-michelle-spring-fun-romantic-wolseley-rustic-bridge-ring-gold-church-pictures-10photo of couple at the steps of wolseley city hallphoto of couple in wolseley saskatchewanphoto of couple looking at each otherphoto of engaged couple on the steps of a church in wolseley saskatchwan




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