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June 8, 2016

Jackson + Megan | Engaged

weyburn spring romantic engagement

Weyburn Spring Romantic Engagement

On this windy spring day, Jackson kept Megan warm in his embrace as we photographed their love in the town where they live.  They met officially at the local pool four years earlier when their hockey team billets set them up.  They laugh now about their meeting being like a scene off of Baywatch.  But it must have been meant to be, that conversation in the hot tub led to this sweet couple being together ever since.

After being together for several years they finished writing their finals and were on their way home from school in Edmonton.  Megan remembers the drive, singing to the music in the car, they were both excited to head home.  ‘Jack’ pulled over to check the hitch on the vehicle (wink wink)…and surprised Megan by opening her door.  She was mad at first until she realized he was down on one knee and proposed.

This adventurous couple wanted their engagement session to be reflective of their playful nature as well as show their love.  The budding trees and the smell of lilacs were the sights and scents while we ventured out to the session.  Their dog Bear joined for a few shots as we hiked around Souris Valley River Park.  They also took the time to show me their canoeing skills…and we ended with some of The Notebook movie inspired shots.

Weyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0002Weyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0003weyburn spring romantic engagementWeyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0005photo of cute dog at engagement sessionWeyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0007Weyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0008

Megan, thank you for trusting me.  You are stunningly gorgeous and I feel incredibly lucky to capture your beauty!

Weyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0009weyburn spring romantic engagement

Jackson is the type of guy everyone wants to be friends with.  His has an easy going nature and great sense of humor.  No one can make Megan laugh at the drop of a hat the way he can!

romantic weyburn engagement session photoWeyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0012Weyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0013

These two love to go on adventures together…

the notebook inspired spring engagement sessionthe notebook inspired spring engagement sessionthe notebook inspired romantic spring engagement sessionweyburn spring romantic engagementdiamond and gold engagement ring photo

The Saskatchewan wind was working in our favour here…just love this shot of these two!

the notebook inspired engagement photosWeyburn-spring-dog-lilac-Regina-Estevan-Carlyle-Saskatchewan-engagement-photography-photographer-wedding-amazing-best-top_0020

I’m so glad our paths crossed and I was able to meet both of you.  I look forward to capturing your backyard Gatsby themed wedding in June of this year!



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