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October 2, 2016

The Wanner’s | Extended Family Session

Estevan Summer Family Session

Jennifer and I had to think about how we became friends on social media some time ago, but neither of us could remember.  Needless to say, I was thrilled we had coincidentally met and that she booked an extended family session for her husband Darren’s family while they were visiting Estevan from Calgary for a summer trip.  The session took place at Dave & Lil’s lovely home, their backyard was perfect for the session.  You sure can tell they love their three Grandkids and the same goes for the kids adoring them back.

estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0002 estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0003 estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0004 Estevan Summer Family Session

Darren & Jennifer, you have a lovely family!  Rhett, Rhea & Rowan, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful personalities.

estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0007 estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0008

Busy Mom’s & Dad’s deserve a few photos of just the two of them.


The kids adore their Auntie Shannon.

estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0010estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0018 estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0011

Snuggles from Grandma!

estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0012 Estevan Summer Family Session estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0014

The smile on Rhett’s face while pretending to drive Grandpa’s car was priceless!
estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0016 estevan-calgary-family-photographer-photography-wanner-pink-denim-photos_0017

We ended the session with photos of the family in Grandpa’s vintage car, which I was told hadn’t made a debut since Darren & Jennifer’s wedding day.  Even Darren & Jennifer’s Au Pair Karoline joined in the fun.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for having me photograph your terrific bunch.  It was a pleasure capturing you all!




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