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August 7, 2015

Friday Faves | August 8, 2015

smash box green primer, lemon and chocolate shakeology

I’m excited to begin this fun new series on my blog called Friday Faves.  Every week I’ll share items that are rocking my world and making me smile.

This week I’m loving:

Smashbox Tinted Green Primer – I picked up this dandy product at Sephora and put it on before applying my daily makeup.  My sister Amber suggested I get the green tint to help with my reddish complexion.  I love how smooth it goes onto my skin and how it takes the red blotchiness away.

Chocolate Shakeology – I mix myself one of these meal replacement drinks almost everyday.  I love to blend it in my Vitamix with ice & almond milk…the perfect consistency.  I sometimes add in a spoonful of peanut butter or raspberries from the garden.  I love that I’m getting all my vitamins, I can drink it on the go and it curbs my cravings to grab for sugar and junk food.

Lemons – There’s something about summer and craving lemon flavours for me.  I’ve been having a squeeze of lemon in my water lately…so refreshing.

Thanks for tuning in…and Happy Friday!!!



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