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January 20, 2014

A Look Back…


Now that 2014 is underway, I’ve had a chance to look back and reflect on the past year….

2013 was a challenging year for me personally. It was a struggle, hard-to-talk-about and heavy, with more than I thought I could handle emotionally. 2013 was successful, but I saw myself overwhelmed in some areas and had to make choices as to what was really important in life. I was so thankful to have amazing clients throughout one of the toughest years ever…I am so grateful for all their understanding.

Many who know me, are aware my Dad became very ill in 2013. In January, we found out my Dad was too ill to go on a trip to my youngest sister’s wedding in Jamaica…wow was that hard to watch my little sis say I DO without my parents there. Fortunately, a Canadian wedding was whipped together lickety split before our travels to Jamaica, just so Dad could walk Amber down the aisle. We are thankful for technology which allowed Mom & Dad to see the recorded ceremony when we all arrived home.

I went into over half of the weddings I shot in 2013 with my Dad in the Regina hospital. I remember texting my Mom right before leaving for each wedding and getting my ‘head in the game’. I usually cried the whole drive there, something I think I needed. My family knew that if anything happened in the next 8 hours or so while I was shooting a wedding, that they would deal with it and I would talk to them afterwards. Luckily my Dad pulled through each time and has been doing well these past few months.

Life became so REAL last year! Strength, determination and love really played a large part 2013. I did what I had to do last year and survived it stronger than I was the year previous. I learned to take each day as it came and was lucky enough to be able to continue my passion & creativity through all of this with photography, which was the best therapy!




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