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October 23, 2019

Petru + Bobbijo | Fairytale Summer Wedding

Fairytale Wedding in Woodlands Manitoba

Fairytale Wedding in Woodlands Manitoba

It was a year of preparation for the celebration of Petru and Bobbijo.  Underneath a beautiful tent, guests enjoyed drinks from a teepee bar, a delicious dinner, wonderful speeches, and dancing! It was one of the happiest wedding days I have ever experienced. These two were absolutely glowing and the love between them was something that felt contagious!

As they said ‘I do’, on the Bride’s family farm near Woodlands Manitoba, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found during their heartfelt personal vows told in front of their closest friends and family who traveled from near and far.

Petru and Bobbijo, I am incredibly thankful for you! The Bolun’s left myself and their guests with a love that is authentic, bold and beautiful….this is their wedding day story.
Fairytale Wedding in Woodlands Manitoba Fairytale wedding photos
Groom: Rouge Gouton
Hair Styling:
Makeup Artist:
DJ: Crystal Sound
Pies: Bride’s Mother



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