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I'm here to tell your story...the joy, the laughs, the tears, and the memories along the way.

Romantic Fall Engagement Session Carter and Cassandra have known each other for years, growing up just down the road from one another near Redvers. I met Carter at one of my favourite weddings a few years ago, Tanner & Alyssa‘s.  Carter was a quiet groomsman who totally rocked the photos and brought a genuine calm […]

Summer Engagement Session for Estevan Couple at Moose Creek Park They met a few years back, after Jade realized her friend had a blue-eyed little brother.  Jade wished Justin a happy birthday and have been together ever since. Justin and Jade meet me on one of the most gorgeous nights of the summer for their […]

Spring Engagement Session in the City of Regina When you start a session and feel like you know the couple, it’s obviously going to be good. Technically I’ve met Dani before, when she was a Bridesmaid at her sister Janae’s wedding.  It was so great to get to know this perfect matched couple as we […]

Mountain Engagement Adventure Session in Canmore Alberta Petru + Bobbijo are two amazing people. From the first few messages with Bobbijo, I was excited to be a part of their wedding and engagement photos. When we video called each other, my suspicions were confirmed: they are, in fact, two very delightful people. I listened as […]

Fall Engagement Session at Sunset Josh & Ashley are so happily in love and I adore them.  I met Ashley at my first wedding of 2017 as the Maid-of-Honour at Tyson & Dolcie’s wedding.  I travelled to Humboldt, where this Saskatoon couple had just bought a house…this was actually their move-in weekend…and we photographed their […]

Estevan Engagement at Boundary Dam They met in middle school and have grown up together for the last eight years. Kellan and Shelaia have supported one another thru school, work, life and now they get to plan their wedding day. These are the kind of people you want to be around, they are joyful, laid […]

Fall Engagement Session in the Valley I don’t even have words for these two…partially because they leave me speechless and partially because getting to know them as a couple was effortless. On Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, Katelyn who lives in Iowa, ventured to Jonny’s hometown where we hung out and shoot some photos. These two […]

Summer Engagement Session at Round Lake Meet Nevin and Chelsea: teenage friends turned sweethearts, who are now just months away from being husband and wife!  I traveled to their family cabin at Round Lake, Saskatchewan to meet them for the first time and to photograph their engagement session!  I was one of the most beautiful summer days of the year! […]

Carlyle Summer Engagement Session Meet Tanner and Jessica, work friends turned sweethearts, who are now just months away from being husband and wife! I captured Tanner and Jessica’s engagement session on what just so happened to be one of the most beautiful summer nights, making for the most amazing engagement session. Tanner, Jessica and their […]

Summer Engagement Session for Regina Couple Shayne and Breanne were engaged on the golf course, so it only seemed fitting to meet them at White Bear Golf Course for their summer photo session.  I toured around the course with them that beautiful summer evening, getting to know the two of them and their love for […]

Romantic Bow Valley Engagement Brittani and Brock took the night off from their two little boys for a fun, romantic and casual engagement session. We caught up, chatted about wedding details (just under two months to go) and Brittani told me I’ll be the one doing up her wedding dress on the day of…so honoured…so […]

Weyburn Spring Engagement This couple, who met for the first time at karate, have been engaged since summer of 2015 when Corey asked Tamlyn to be his wife at Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park.  When Corey was 5 years old, he and his cousin were lost while bike riding at the campground where the families were camping.  Their […]